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Luxury silk pillowcase fabric

Silk Pillowcases & Products

Enjoy the very best silk pillowcases - a natural luxury product with benefits for sleep quality, hair and skin care

  • Hampshire Silk products are 100% Mulberry silk

  • Free UK shipping (orders over £50)

  • All products in our UK warehouse

  • Family business sourcing the highest quality products directly from the heart of silk manufacture in China

  • Our products are made to last and for easy care

  • Satisfaction guarantee

Buy 2 or more pillowcases and receive a 10% discount

Classic Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Luxury Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Silk Eye Masks

Silk Scrunchies

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Why Choose Our Silk Pillowcases?

We believe that we offer you the best quality silk pillowcases - but there are many reasons why you should choose our products:

Luxury silk thread

Best Quality Silk Pillowcases

Because we have direct access to the factories we control the quality of our silk pillowcases. We design our silk pillowcases and we check the quality during production, all to give our customers the best product we can make. Our silk pillowcases are easy to care for and will give you years of benefits.

Luxury silk pillowcase for sleep

Better sleep, better soul

What are the benefits of silk pillowcases for sleep quality? Silk is a luxury fabric that keeps you cooler when its hot, is smooth against your skin, it's naturally hypoallergenic and you won't wake up with lines on your face from creases!

Benefits of silk pillowcases for hair and skin

Benefits of silk pillowcases for hair and skin

All of our silk pillowcases are made from the finest quality 100% Mulberry silk which helps to keep your skin moist, it won't crease your skin or hair, the smooth fabric reduces frizz for curly hair

About Us

The beauty of silk

Silk is special. It's a natural product with unrivalled softness and strength, it is hypoallergenic, good for your skin and hair. Most importantly though it looks gorgeous.

Annie & Martin started this store because being based in both the UK and Suzhou, China we are able to provide the very best silk products. As a family company we believe in the quality of our products and we know that they will give you years of enjoyment. We don't sell a wide range of products, we only sell those products that we feel offer the best quality and have real tangible benefits, showing the very best of silk.  You can enjoy the benefits of a silk pillowcase for hair, skin and sleep quality, and our silk scarves are the most beautiful designs we can find.  While we source from China, all our products are in stock in our UK warehouse. Read more about us here.

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