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About Hampshire Silk

A family business putting customers first

Silk is special. Silk is a natural product with unrivalled softness and strength, it is hypoallergenic, good for your skin and hair as well as your sleep. Most importantly though it looks gorgeous.

Run by founders Annie and Martin, Hampshire Silk is a small family company based with work and home commitments in both Hampshire, UK and Suzhou, China. China is the traditional home of Mulberry silk manufacture and Hampshire Silk was formed to bring you the very best of its silk products which is why we have chosen a range of beautiful pillowcases, sleep masks and hair scrunchies. Luxury silk scarves, children's pillowcases and cushion covers will follow soon! We don't sell a wide range of products, we only sell those products that we feel offer the best quality and have real tangible benefits, showing the very best of silk with durability and a real sense of luxury.

Hampshire Silk is built around you, our customers, and we will do our utmost to provide the level of service that you deserve when buying luxury products.

Please come back soon to check our expanding range of products!

We think our silk pillowcases are the best on the market

Our silk pillowcases have features that improve the customers experience:

  • 100% Mulberry silk fabric of 19momme and 22momme to give the most comfortable and soft sleep experience while being durable and easy to care for

  • Hidden zips to prevent the pillowcase sliding off the pillow at night

  • Strengthening at key locations to ensure many years of enjoyment

  • High standards of quality control, we check production quality ourselves at the factory

  • We have personally chosen the factory by visiting and comparing with the alternatives

  • Our customers love them - check our testimonials here.

As soon as co-founder Annie tried a silk pillowcase for the first time she was amazed by the noticeable benefits to her skin and hair. Silk is a wonderful natural fabric, it is hypoallergenic, smoother than cotton, reduces hair frizz and has benefits to skin moisture.

Do silk pillowcases have benefits for hair, skin and sleep quality?

Yes, silk pillowcases will help with hair, skin and sleep quality! For a deep dive into these benefits, read this, but here is a summary:

Silk pillowcases benefits for hair:

  • Silk fabric is much smoother than other fabrics such as cotton so it will reduce frizz, silk pillowcases reduce frizz and bed-head

  • Silk fabric won't absorb the moisture from your hair as much as other fabrics, leaving your hair in better condition

  • Silk pillowcases are particularly beneficial for curly hair and will help to save you time in the morning getting ready

Silk pillowcases benefits for skin:

  • Silk feels great against your skin!

  • Silk is a natural fabric that is hypoallergenic, so bed bugs, allergies, skin rashes are controlled

  • Because silk is much smoother than other fabrics such as cotton it will not leave crease lines on your skin in the morning

  • Silk fabric won't absorb the moisture like cotton does, so your cream will stay on your skin rather than soaking into your pillow

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