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Luxurious 100%  Mulberry silk pillowcase with zip. This is our Classic model made from 19momme Grade 6A silk from China, the traditional home of Mulberry silk manufacture.


Enjoy the benefits for skincare and haircare with the feeling of pure silk against your skin, and enjoy the naturally hypoallergenic fabric that doesn't crease like cotton and won't mark your skin. It will also keep you feeling cool on hot nights.


The zip will stop the pillowcase sliding off your pilllow in the night.


Mulberry silk will look after you:


  • Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and anti bacteria so is good for allergy sufferers and won't irritate your skin (silk contains similar proteins to those found in your skin)
  • The smooth nature of the fibres makes silk less absorbant than other fabrics, improving skin  hydration and meaning your cream will mostly be moisturising your skin rather than your pillow.
  • Silk is so much smoother on your skin compared to cotton and other fabrics that it is reported to have benefits for reducing ageing and wrinkles so is recommended by beauticians.
  • Recommended by stylists  - silk reduces frizz, tangles and bed head hair because of its low absorbency and super smooth surface
  • As welll as being smooth and soft, silk is very strong - these pillowcases should last you many years.


Care recommendations - It is best to wash by hand, but our pillowcases can be washed by machine on a delicate cycle (<30C) using a delicate detergent suitable for silk (no fabric softener). Do not wring, do not tumble dry. It is best to air dry away from sunshine. Cool iron only.


Pillowcase size is 70cm x 50cm (standard UK size).

Classic Dusky Pink 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

  • Pillowcase size is 70cm x 50cm (standard UK size)

    More information about caring for your Hampshire Silk products can be found here

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