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Pure Mulberry silk cover and pure Mulberry silk filling combine to create a luxury eye mask. An aid to relaxation, blocking the light to give you an improved quality of sleep. 


Grade 6A 19mm silk feels wonderfully soft against the skin, helping to create the perfect environment for sleep and relaxation. The delightful smooth fabric will help to prevent creases in your skin and keep it hydrated and cool.


Use it at home, or take it on the plane, train or at hotels and feel more comfortable.


Mulberry silk will look after you:


  • Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and anti bacterial so is good for allergy sufferers and won't irritate your skin (silk contains similar proteins to those found in your skin)
  • The smooth nature of the fibres makes silk less absorbant than other fabrics, improving skin  hydration and meaning your cream will mostly be moisturising your skin rather than your mask.
  • Silk is so much smoother on your skin compared to cotton and other fabrics that it is reported to have benefits for reducing ageing and wrinkles so is recommended by beauticians.


Care recommendations - It is best to wash by hand, because of the silk filling and silk cover. Do not wring, do not tumble dry. It is best to air dry away from sunshine. Cool iron only if necessary.


Eye mask area size is 21cm x 9.5cm.

Luxury Natural White Sleep Improving Silk Eye Mask

  • The mask area size is approximately 22cm x 10.5cm

    More information about caring for your Hampshire Silk products can be found here

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